Pricing, payment options and termination

FREE service for Buyers

For Buyers, submitting an offer request on Action Energy Market is FREE. To be able to submit an Offer Request, you need to activate your FREE subscription. You find the Subscription tab from the drop down menu next to your user name when logged in the service.

You can activate a FREE subscription for 12 -month duration at a time. You will receive an email confirmation once you have activated your FREE subscription.

Pricing for Providers

For Providers, basic registration at Action Energy Market is free. Once a Provider wants to create and submit an offer, active subscription is required.

Providers that want to have a customized offer request template to create maximum visibility for their unique offering can use the Solution Bank -feature.


Subscription termination

Monthly payments: Monthly subscription can be terminated at any time.

Payment options

Monthly payments: We use Stripe for the monthly subscription payment, paid with a credit card. Monthly subscription can be terminated at any time.