Service Overview

Action Energy Market (AEM) digitizes energy project offer process. Our aim is to make buying and financing of energy improvement projects easier for all parties.

We are making energy project buying easy as 1-2-3

1. Buyers create an offer request using a ready template . Buyers can use either general templates or customized Solution Bank templates.
2. General Offer request is published on the Marketplace. Customized Solution Bank offer requests are sent directly to specific Providers.  Providers respond with offers.
3. Buyers can create a Financing request for the chosen solution with one click

Read here more about the buying process and our Solution Bank offering. 

Cost effective deal origination for Providers 

Providers register with Action Energy Market and start receiving deal flow according to their profile. Offers are submitted directly from the service.

Solution Bank -model enables customized offer request templates on the marketplace. Providers with Solution Bank -templates receive offer requests to their unique solutions directly and can submit offers using the AEM service.

Financing with low transaction costs

Digital offer process and standardized offer format enables financing offers with low transaction costs. We are piloting financing offers in the fall 2023 in the area of green loans together with Danske Bank. 

We are using a separate platform for investor access, launch in early fall 2023.  Contact us for more information.