Partner with us

We are looking for partners to reach more Buyers, including international partners that are interested in joining forces to bring AEM available outside of Finland. We are also interested in integrations with other relevant services.

What type of partner are we looking for?

If you are a smart city, energy company, large property manager/portfolio owner, bank with green lending activity, large property portfolio owner or company working with energy transition, we are happy to provider with you to bring Action Energy Market into use in your area/country.   

Contact us for more information.

Ready and tested SW platform 

We are especially interested in partners who have a ready channel to Buyers such as housing companies or industrial/office building owners/operators. We provide you with a ready platform and populate it with Solution Providers. We take care of the technical backend and the software adaptations needed. Platform features, Buyer offering and language versions can be added and removed according to market need.